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  LG Sourcing  
LG Sourcing: A wholly owned subsidiary of Lowe's which provides Lowe's with differentiated products at the best prices with the right quality shipped complete and on time from factories we can be proud of.  

The information in this website outlines the requirements for all LG Sourcing vendors. All vendors are responsible for the completion of forms/documents for vendor set-up and submission of item offers as well as other documents as identified.

Vendor Instructions


*Note:  All Quality Assurance requirements and forms are contained on the secure LowesLink® portal.

  LG Sourcing Vendor Information - Forms  
     Forms (alphabetical order)  
                Air Shipment Request Form
                Hazmat Form
                Incoming Vendor Funds Form
                Item Offer Sheet(CA)
                Item Offer Sheet(US)
                LGS Vendor Workbook
                Overweight Intermodal Container Certificate
                PO Change Request
                Preloading Container Inspection
                Replacement Parts Form
                Special Buy Form
                Upload Forms for Containerization

*Note:  All Quality Assurance requirements and forms are contained on the secure LowesLink® portal.

  LG Sourcing Vendor Information - Processes/Instructions  
     Program Development Individual Processes/Instructions  
                New Vendor Onboarding Steps for Import Vendors
                Solution Provider Contact list
                Marketing Data Tool Site*
                ---PCM Overview for Web Vendors
                Import Payment Structure
                EDI/Web Form
                Packaging ---Translations
                Packaging ---Item Number Labeling Standards
                Packaging ---Import Packaging Guidelines for Transload and Regional Distribution
                Packaging ---Access Point Guidelines
                Import Container Loading Guidelines
                Import VPXD
                Wood Packaging Material Regulation
                CTPAT - NEW - Revised 8-13-2015
                Incoming Vendor Funds
                Grill Packaging Specifications
                Patio Furniture Packaging Specifications
                Mexico Export Documents Requirements
                Replacement Part Order Management - US Presence
                Replacement Part Order Management - No US Presence

* All information regarding Product Information processes and tools (Item Setup Sheet, Marketing Data Spreadsheet) are contained on the secure LowesLink® portal under the Marketing Data Tool application.* 

   LG Sourcing Vendor Information - Training/Resources  
                Import Vendor Training Information
                Import Vendor Dart Lite Training Manual
                Glossary for LGS Terminology
                LGS Vendor Workbook - Instructions to copy a MS Excel tab
                Lowe's Partnership Manual
                RTM Debit Online Instructions
     Frequently Asked Questions  
  LG Sourcing Vendor Requirements  

Vendor Requirements- Vendors and their representatives are responsible for compliance with all aspects of LG Sourcing requirements. In the event vendors are unable to meet or accommodate these requirements, the LG Sourcing representative should be contacted immediately.



  • All vendors must agree to and abide by the Business Ethics Statement 
  • Vendors must provide an address and contact name so that LG Sourcing may send you 2 copies of the LG Sourcing Master Standard Buying Agreement.  Please obtain the appropriate signatures(company officer) on the LG Sourcing MSBA and return both signed originals. A signed copy will be returned to you for your records.
  • Comply with all custom and security requirements to include those outlined in the CTPAT documents. Please sign and return the appropriate CTPAT documents to 

System/Technical Capabilities 

Product Content Management/Data Synchronization Initiative 

   LG Sourcing Vendor Evaluation & Setup  

The following forms must be completed and returned to LG Sourcing before any vendor can be set up as a Lowes Import Vendor.


Required Forms

  • Complete and return the LGS Vendor Workbook LG Sourcing must have complete information for each factory that will be producing product. Complete, sign and return one Vendor Setup Sheet for each shipping port (make entries in the VSS tab and copy the Excel tab as needed). Read, understand, and comply with the Import Payment Structure. Complete and return the Vendor Factory Setup form (VFS tab).


Factory Audits 

Factory audits must be completed and in compliance before mass production begins.  Factory audits will be conducted annually.  An LG Sourcing representative will contact you to complete this process.


Additional Shipping locations

  • When adding additional shipping locations LG Sourcing requires a new LGS Vendor Workbook with the Vendor Setup Sheet (VSS tab) & Vendor Structure Form (VFS tab) for each new shipping location. If this process includes the addition of a new item from the new shipping location, an additional (US) Item Offer Sheet or (CA) Item Offer Sheet is also required.

  LG Sourcing Item Evaluation & Setup  
     Required Forms


Product Testing

As an LG Sourcing vendor, you will be required to satisfactorily complete tests annually.

  • Complete the Testing Request Form and submit sample product for testing. Testing should be completed as soon as possible prior to mass production. All product testing must be complete and approved. Production audit programs will be conducted after mass production.
  • Read, understand and comply with Product Identification and Traceability Program Product Codes.
  • Comply with all customs and security requirements to include those outlined in Wood Packing Material Regulations 

  LG Sourcing Order Management  

Process Prior to Shipment

  • Vendors download PO's from webform. LG Sourcing International Logistics Specialist will e-mail vendor/factory for verification of details.
  • Once the PO details have been confirmed, the Vendor (Factory) is required to e-mail the Inspection Advice to the respective LG Sourcing office at least seven working day's prior to the date of final inspection.  LG Sourcing International Logistics Specialist will send shipping instructions to the vendors informing them to book with the appointed carriers in order for the target vessel to ship. LG Sourcing expects to inspect all items on the purchase orders during one visit only.  Orders must be at least 100% for new items and at least 80% complete for current items at the time of inspection. Re-Inspections are required for all rejected/failed inspections.  Contact the respective LG Sourcing office as appropriate if all items will not be ready.
  • Vendors are required to book directly with the appointed carriers for container booking.
  • Carriers release container bookings to the vendors according to the LG Sourcing Logistics instructions.
  • Read, understand, and comply with Documentation Requirements 
  • Send Documents to the customs broker within 3 day's of shipment.


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