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  LG Sourcing - Import Vendor Partner Information & Glossary  


LG Sourcing:  A wholly owned subsidiary of Lowe's, which provides an end to end sourcing solution delivering quality and diverse options to meet the needs of our Customer.

The information in this website outlines the requirements for all LG Sourcing vendors.  All vendors are responsible for the completion of forms/documents for vendor set-up and submission of item offers as well as other documents as identified.

The objective of this training page is to provide the LG Sourcing supplier with the tools and knowledge to become a successful import vendor partner.  The information is intended to be reviewed in order.

* Selected requirements and forms are contained on the secure LowesLink® portal and will require a Lowe's VBU (Vendor Business Unit) number and a LowesLink® User ID to access.

Domestic Program:  Lowe's Enterprise purchases the product from a domestic location.  If the product is imported, the vendor is the importer of record.

Import Program:  Lowe's Enterprise and its subsidiaries serve as the importer of record.

  1. Become a Prospective Import Supplier  


To become a prospective supplier, import vendors will need to follow these steps.

  • Vendor Code of Conduct - applies to all vendors (“Vendors”) who provide services and goods to Lowe’s Companies, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries (“Lowe’s”).
  • Zycus Supplier Registration - Register in our prospective vendor database.
  • Import vendor signs Master Standard Buying Agreement (supplied by Sourcing/Product Development) and provides proof of Product Liability Insurance.
  • Import vendor provides Z-Score (supplied by Sourcing/Product Development).
  • Chemical Compliance - Ozone Depleting Chemicals

  2. Quality Assurance - Factory  


QA and Sourcing teams can provide further direction regarding Factory certification process.

Supporting documentation for SAE and EQA Programs can be found at the following link in the "Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) - Import Program" section:

  3. New Import Vendor Setup - After Business is Awarded  


Once you have been awarded business, your Sourcing/Product Development contact will be working with you to complete these steps.

  • LGS Vendor Workbook - Required for import vendor setup.  Includes Vendor Setup Sheet, Vendor Factory Sheet, and TradeStone User tabs.  To be filled out by import vendor.
  • Lowe’s provides VBU# (Vendor Buying Unit #) and Factory Party ID.
  • Import vendor will receive notification to onboard with Syndigo.
  • Import vendor Requests Secure LowesLink® Access (Must have VBU).
  • Import vendor requests TradeStone Application from LowesLink® "Change My Access".
  • EDI/Web Form - Allows the import vendor to receive, send and invoice purchase orders to and from Lowe's through the secure LowesLink® portal.
  • New Import Vendor Training - In person training held in Shanghai.  Includes presentations from different support groups.  Conducted in Mandarin. *

  4. Item Set-Up  


Now that you have an import VBU and your factory has been certified, you can begin the item setup process.  Refer also to the next section related to packaging, as these steps can be approached concurrently.

  • Item Setup Process Flow - Effective May 1, 2019 the Vendor Quote Template (VQT) is no longer being accepted by Lowe's for new item proposal/submission.  The item data once submitted through the VQT process is now being collected through the new Initiate Item Data process performed in Syndigo's Content Experience Hub (CXH). *
  • Import vendor acquires necessary certifications (UL, ETL, CUPC, CSA, etc.).
  • Data Pool / Third Party Solution Provider Contact List - Evaluated solutions providers for product data synchronization. *
  • Import vendor applies for GLN & UPC (Global Location Number & Universal Product Code) and publishes data to solutions provider.
  • Provide Product Specification Form to Sourcing/Product Development contact.  



  • Syndigo - Import vendor provides import and marketing data to Syndigo's Product Content Cloud.
  • Ports and Port Codes list - list of ports and port codes for use in Syndigo's Product Content Cloud. * 




        Further supporting documentation can be found here:

  5. Private Brand Packaging and Services  


If you are awarded items that are a Lowe's Private Brand, these documents and links will provide further guidance.  These tasks can be addressed simultaneously with item setup.

Whether your product is Lowe's Private Brand or vendor branded, refer to these documents for further direction related to packaging requirements.

  6. Quality Assurance - Product  


Your product is ready to be tested.

  • Protocol Testing - short video will provide you with a high-level program overview and requirement.

Supporting documentation for PO Inspection & Product Testing is available at the link below in the "Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) - Import Program" section.

  7. Supply Chain  


Refer to this section for direction on forecasting and collaboration with Supply Chain. 

Further supporting documentation can be found here:

  8. Import Purchase Order  


Purchase orders are now ready to be placed.  TradeStone is a web-based platform which provides an integrated solution for import sourcing projects and purchase order management.


  9. After Sale  


Now that the product has arrived in the store, this information will help you track performance.


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