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  Canada Vendor Compliance  


Canada Vendor Requirements

The following page contains links to our vendor requirements information.  Although it is separated by section into links, we encourage you to read each link and continually check LowesLink®  for updates.  General questions about the Lowe’s Canadian Vendor Requirements Book can be directed to your Supply Chain Analyst, or

“NOTE: The term Inventory Planner (IP) is a US term. That term is interchangeable with the term Supply Chain Analyst (SCA) which is the Canadian equivalent of an IP. Please contact your SCA for any Supply Chain questions pertaining to Canada “

     Lowe's Vendor Code of Conduct
     Revised Vendor Compliance Policy
     Vendor Compliance Policy – Live Nursery
     Canada Visual Standard Guide and Vendor Package
  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  

     EDI Reference Guide
     Lowe's EDI
  Loss Prevention & Risk Management  

                EAS/Source Tag Program
                Source Tagging Guidelines
     All Tag  
                All Tag Certification
                All Tag Certification – Chinese
     ADT/Sensormatic – Choose Lab  
                - US
                - HONGKONG
     Loss Prevention  
                Hazmat Products
     Risk Management  
                Product Liability Insurance
  Packaging & Plan-o-gramming  

     General Packaging  
                Translations – Multilingual Packaging Information
                Canada Domestic Packaging Guidelines
                Canada Domestic Palletization and Shipping Guidelines
     Product Specific  
                Ceramic Bath Packaging Specifications
                Lowe's Canada Planogram Facility

     New Store Shipment Placard
     Sample Shipment Placard
     VPXD Placard  
                Appendix A Regular VPXD
                Appendix B Case VPXD
                Appendix C Multiple Stores Per Pallet
                Appendix D RDC ASN Spreadsheet

                Billing Requirements and Payment Information
                Product Returns and Buy Back
                Receipt Discrepancies and Liability
     Item Set-up  
                Barcode Guidelines
                Ordering Process
                Product Content Management
  Transportation & Distribution  

                Canada Domestic VPXD for RDC Shipments
                Canadian Distribution Center Information
                Cross Border Documentation and Transportation Guidelines
                Shipping Specifications
     Exempt Certificates  
                Ontario Exempt Certificate
                Saskatchewan Certificate
                Transportation Standards

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