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  Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) Program Overview  


All items purchased for sale at Lowe’s Enterprise must abide by all applicable laws and regulatory requirements, as well as meet all Quality Assurance (QA) requirements established by Lowe’s Enterprise QA.


The General Quality Assurance Requirements apply to all products, both domestic and import.

  • Domestic:  Lowe's Enterprise purchases the product from a domestic location.  If the product is imported, the vendor is the importer of record.
  • Import:  Lowe's Enterprise and its subsidiaries (Lowe's USHI, Lowe's Canada/RONA, Lowe's Mexico) serve as the importer of record.

Other QA requirements vary by product attributes as well as source type.  Product testing and Factory assessment requirements also may vary.


Refer to the Quality Assurance Vendor Matrix for the latest requirements.

  Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance - Product Testing  


Testing programs vary depending on whether the product is Domestic or Import.

The links below explain the requirements for each program and provide contact information for the approved 3rd Party Labs.  Please contact the 3rd Party directly for testing protocols, pricing and service requests.

Testing Forms

The test request form will be updated periodically.  Please ensure you are using the latest version by downloading the version below.

The period for retesting depends on the classification of the product.  See below for details:

Some product categories are eligible for representative item testing where one item may represent a group of similar items.  If this applies to your items, the form to use is provided below:

  Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) - Import Program  


Lowe’s Enterprise QA Import program applies to all import vendors where Lowe’s and its subsidiaries (Lowe’s USHI, Lowe’s Canada/RONA, Lowe’s Mexico) serve as the importer of record.  QA requirements are determined bases on vendor type.

Bundled Assessment Program

This program applies to all "New" factories for Type A vendors' initial assessments and consist of:


  1. Enterprise Quality Assessment (EQA)

  2. Retail Ethical Sourcing Assessment (RESA)

  3. Customs – Trade Partners Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Audit

    • Suppliers are subject to yearly Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism (C- TPAT) Audit, whether they are new or existing providers or they are vendor type A or B.

    • LGS – QA is responsible for scheduling the C-TPAT audits.  Suppliers can visit LowesLink® for additional information and requirements about C-TPAT.  All C-TPAT related questions should be directed to Martha Layton at

1.  The Enterprise Quality Assessment (EQA)

The Enterprise Quality Assessment (EQA) focuses on such topics as quality systems, key processes, ensuring consistent quality products, etc.

2.  Lowe's Enterprise Social Accountability & Environmental (SAE) Program

Lowe’s Enterprise has worked with other key retailers to find ways to reduce audit fatigue resulting in a new template named Retail Ethical Sourcing Assessment ("RESA").  The goal is to avoid multiple assessment fees incurred by a vendor which supports multiple retailers.  The RESA template is currently being accepted by Lowe’s Enterprise and The Home Depot (THD) to avoid multiple assessments on THD’s and Lowe’s Enterprise vendors where the same factories are being used.  The primary objective of the SAE Audit is to ensure that the products being sourced are manufactured in safe facilities, workers are treated well, paid wages in accordance to the law and hours worked within legal limits.

3.  PO Inspections

Inspections apply to all import vendors/factories only.


Inspection Training Manual:

Inspection Forms:

  Conflict Minerals and Wood Sourcing  


Lowe’s is committed to avoiding the use of Conflict Minerals (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and gold) in its products which may directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC") or adjoining countries.  We comply with Section 1502 of the Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act by filing a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") annually.  Due diligence inquiries are performed of our supply chain in order to accurately report compliance with this requirement.

Contact if you have questions regarding the program.

The below documents are available for your reference.

Wood Sourcing

Lowe’s recognizes the significant purpose and vital role old growth forests play in providing us with clean air.  Therefore, we collaborate with suppliers to encourage the maintenance of natural forests and environmentally responsible wood sourcing practices.  This enables us to increase the supply of certified wood products to our customers.  Annually, we encourage suppliers to self-report information about the source of their wood, including where the wood is harvested, the species, sustainable forest certifications and the volume purchased.

Contact if you have any questions regarding the program.

The below documents are available for your reference: Lowe's Wood Policy

  Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) Vendor Training  


Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) Import Program

Please disregard any requirement related to Orchard Hardware Supply (OSH) in any of the training videos or webinars in this section

The following two short videos will provide you with a high-level program overview and requirement.

Video – Part 1 EQA & SAE - Vendor Type, Criteria, and QA Requirements

Video – Part 2 Protocol Testing & PO Inspections

Video Training (English)

Video Training (Chinese)

Please download the detail training presentation

Lowe's Enterprise Quality Assurance (QA) Import Program 


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