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  What's New For WebForms  

This section includes the communication on changes to our WebForms data requirements for future reference by our WebForms partners.  All changes to our WebForms applications should also be reflected in our WebForms documentation. 

     WebForms Reverse PO Vendors – Changes to Lowe’s RP Reference Number in Lowe’s EDI WebForm Reverse PO Transactions
  Lowe's EDI WebForms - Getting Started  

For our business partners who do not utilize a traditional EDI system, Lowe’s offers an alternate solution – EDI WebForms.  This on-line solution allows you to exchange business documents with Lowe’s using your internet web browser.  Lowe’s requires compliance on all of our EDI WebForms transactions. 

     WebForms Intro & FAQ
     WebForms Information on Testing and Production
     WebForms Vendor Registration
     WebForms Carrier Registration
     Web EDI Freight Carrier Invoice Demo
  Lowe’s EDI WebForms – Application Documents  

Information on using Lowe’s WebForms application documents in production are listed in this section.

     WebForms Information on Testing and Production
     ASN WebForms Vendor Packet

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