​​​​​Domestic Private Brand Program Requirements

​Lowe’s Private Brand product imported and/or sourced locally; the vendor is the importer of record. The following steps must be taken if domestic vendors nominated factories are producing Lowe’s Private Brand products​

​Step 1 Review the short training

Step 2 - Retail Ethical Sourcing Assessment (RESA) is required if:​

Step 3 - Initiate Product Protocol Testing for facilities producing Lowe's Private Branded products regardless of factory location (Vendor is the Importer of Record if imported).  ​

  • ​​The link below provides an overview of the program and provides contact information for the approved 3rd Party Labs.  Please contact the 3rd Party directly for testing protocols, pricing and service requests.

  • Testing Forms
    • ​​The test request form will be updated periodically.  Please ensure you are using the latest version by downloading the Test Request Form​
    • Some product categories are eligible for representative item testing where one item may represent a group of similar item.  If this applies to your items, please use the Representative Item Testing Form
    • The period for retesting depends on the classification of the product.  Please view the Testing Frequency Matrix​