​​Quality Assurance (QA) Program Overviews

All items purchased for sale at Lowe's Enterprise must abide by all applicable laws and regulatory requirements, as well as meet all Quality Assurance (QA) requirements established by Lowe's Enterprise QA.  The Lowe's Quality Assurance General Requirements and Best Practices apply to all products, both domestic and import.

Domestic:  Lowe's Enterprise purchases the product from a domestic location.  If the product is imported, the vendor is the importer of record.

Import:  Lowe's Enterprise and its subsidiaries (Lowe's USHI, Lowe's Canada/RONA) serve as the importer of record.

The Enterprise Quality Assurance Import Program Requirements document provides a quick, high level view of the Enterprise Quality Assurance Import Program Requirements and incudes quick reference Key Contacts for program related questions.

Other QA requirements vary by product attributes as well as source type.  Product testing and Factory assessment requirements also may vary.  Refer to the Quality Assurance Vendor Matrix​ for the latest requirements.