​​​Responsible Sourcing (RS) Program

​Lowe's Enterprise QA Import program applies to all import vendors where Lowe's and its subsidiaries (Lowe's USHI, Lowe's Canada/RONA) serve as the importer.​

​Lowe's Enterprise has worked with other key retailers to find ways to reduce audit fatigue resulting in a new template named Retail Ethical Sourcing Assessment ("RESA").  The goal is to avoid multiple assessment fees incurred by a vendor which supports multiple retailers.  The RESA template is currently being accepted by Lowe's Enterprise and The Home Depot (THD) to avoid multiple assessments on THD's and Lowe's Enterprise vendors where the same factories are being used.  The primary objective of the RESA is to ensure that the products being sourced are manufactured in safe facilities, workers are treated well, paid wages in accordance to the law and hours worked within legal limits.